Arroyo Grande, CA

We designed this extensive custom renovation and addition for a local Doctor family on their two-acre property in San Luis Obispo County. The existing ranch-style house was in great need of care. After discussing several options for an addition and renovation, the clients decided to save the structure of the existing house and its foundation. To gain the added square footage they desired, we proposed a second story addition that gave the house a new double-height living area, a new family room, two bedrooms and a contemporary facade. In addition, the clients added a game room, three-car garage and office space in an adjacent structure linked by a new family room and renovated kitchen to the program.


To integrate these varied programmatic elements, we employed a new continuous folded sustainable roof screen that lifted up and over the interior space of the main living are to create a dynamic contemporary house with passive shading that could filter the hot sun while providing for the best hilltop facing southwest views. The folding roof screen uses environmentally sustainable Trespa tile and wall panels suspended over a built-up membrane system to create an air space for cooling with a cost-effective exterior skin. Large overhangs and carefully planted deciduous trees provide additional shade and screening where needed. The continuous folded screen unifies the design, as it wraps together roofs, walls, and floor surfaces around a series of copper anodized recycled aluminum panels that jut forward to demarcate the entry and living areas. In the entry hall, a floating glass and steel stair protrudes beyond the façade to provide extensive vistas of the surrounding countryside. A new family room that opens onto a balcony that is visible from the living area below is added on the second story adjacent to the children’s bedrooms.


All the rooms coalesce in a great living area under the folding roof. Extruding from this main area is an expansive roof deck with dinning room below. As the clients love to entertain with their exquisite cooking—we redesigned the existing kitchen to open to the dining area. Amply shaded by a gorgeous existing Magnolia tree, the kitchen and the dinning area, separated by an expansive kitchen island, look beyond to the southwest view. On the east side, the kitchen and dining area open to a new breakfast area, bar, and sitting room that has ample morning light, where guests can linger while their hosts prepare a culinary feast throughout the day and into the night.

Principal Designer and Architect: 

Stephen Phillips, AIA, Ph.D

Project Team: 

Chris Nikkel, Danny Thai, Stephen Becker, and Katsu Shigemi