Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA

New construction on Linden Street in Hayes Valley San Francisco provides innovative housing with a cost-effective sustainable design solution that improves public and private social conditions.


After successfully pursuing a variance and lot split, we developed a complex split-level duplex housing scheme with a ground floor garage that allowed for required open space and maximum building area on a minimal infill lot. The design develops a series of rooms surrounding multiple-story open spaces in the main entry stair hall and upper housing unit that allow for expansive glazing on the street facade.


This project animates the street and appeals to modern space and lifestyle while creating an engaging ambient quality that erodes the spatial boundaries between outside and inside. We creatively analyzed, adapted, and combined bay window, cornice and awning codes to generate a continuous surface of material effects on the front facade. Exterior painted metal and copper surfaces wrap around and through glazing on the interior and exterior elevation to create a 2D thick surface that erodes spatial boundaries. Industrial metal materials suggest enduring security that reveals separation and difference between outside and inside over time.


In accord with the social and psychological demands of contemporary society—this modern housing design provides space for high-performance lifestyle, publicity, and spectacle all from the security of home. Eyes are no longer on the street but on the glamour and luxury of domestic living set high above the urban street. A continuous standing seam roof wall peals back to reveal daily events as they unfold. The provincial bay window transforms into a show window as the interior merges with the exterior as if a stage set on display.


By combining glamour and industrial allure, this contemporary infill housing design creates a strong urban presence on this very normative and traditional alleyway in an otherwise very fashionable and up-and-coming boutique San Francisco neighborhood.

Principal Designer and Architect: 

Stephen Phillips, AIA, Ph.D

Project Team: 

Chris Nikkel, Cam Helland, Stephen Becker, Katsu Shigemi, and Richard Porter


Double-D Engineering (Structural)
BEC Associates (Title 24)
Earth Mechanics Engineers (Geotechnical)
Geometrics (Survey)
KCA Engineering (Civil)
Kevin Webb Construction (Contractor)